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From Thilo-Alexander Ginkel <th...@ginkel.com>
Subject Strange zoo.cfg.dynamic.next generated via zookeeper Docker image
Date Wed, 15 Jul 2020 21:43:04 GMT
Hi there,

I am running a three-node Zookeeper cluster based on the official
zookeeper Docker image (currently at v3.6.1). I have been seeing
sporadic problems during a rolling restart where the ensemble often
loses its integrity requiring all nodes to be stopped and restarted to

The containers are connected to the bridge network, so I need to
replace each node's own IP with in the server declaration, as
in (for server #1):

ZOO_SERVERS=server.1=;2181 \
  server.2=x.x.x.2:2888:3888:participant;2181 \

Server #2, #3 have their IP replaced with, respectively.

>From this configuration Zookeeper seems to generate the following
zoo.cfg.dynamic.next config file (identical on all three servers),
which is somewhat surprising as it contains as address of
server #2:

-- 8< --
-- 8< --

Is this how things are supposed to be? Naively, I would have assumed
that server #1/#3 should know the real ip of server #2 and not

Is there a way to configure an advertised address? If not, what is the
recommended setup to operate Zookeeper within Docker (without having
to resort to using the host network)?


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