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From Robin Wolters <rbn.wolt...@googlemail.com.INVALID>
Subject Zookeeper syncing with Curator
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2019 12:37:17 GMT

I use Zookeeper in a cluster setup and some of my read operations need
to be consistent, meaning I have to make sure that a read always
reflects all previous writes (which might be performed on another
zookeeper server and has not reached all other instances).
The idea is to force a sync before those reads to make them
“consistent” reads with:

For this, I have these questions left:
1. Do you need to manually await the callback of sync before reading,
or is the next read operation queued until the sync is complete?
2. Which amount of data is transferred between the nodes in this kind
of manual sync?
  a) Does it always transfer and process data from the master server
even if the syncing node is up-to-date on this path - or only for
those nodes that are really out of sync (i.e. sync only possible
  b) Does a sync on the path also force the parent nodes to sync?
  c) Does a sync on the path also force all child nodes to sync?
  d) How would one manually sync the complete data (as the regular
sync does) of a node? Is client.sync().forPath("/") the way to do

Anyone experiences with this?

Best regards,

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