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From Pramod Srinivasan <pra...@juniper.net>
Subject Re: Zookeeper and vrf
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2018 16:04:45 GMT
Users of the zookeeper client library would need to provide the vrf device that the sockets
opened by client library be associated with. 


For the sockets that are opened by Zookeeper client library, we call setsockopt to bind the
socket to a vrf device.

´╗┐On 8/20/18, 11:58 AM, "Benjamin Reed" <breed@apache.org> wrote:

    not that i know of. how would you envision the library supporting vrf?
    On Mon, Aug 20, 2018 at 11:55 AM, Pramod Srinivasan <pramod@juniper.net> wrote:
    > Hi Everyone, any guidance for the question below?
    > On 8/16/18, 4:15 PM, "Pramod Srinivasan" <pramod@juniper.net> wrote:
    >     Hi Everyone,
    >     I am using Zookeeper C client library and wanted to check if there are any plans
to add vrf support to Zookeeper client library. The client application may be in a different
vrf from zookeeper server and it would be useful to provide a vrf name when we call zookeeper
init so that any socket opened within the zookeeper library could be bound to the given vrf
or a separate client library API to set the vrf for the sockets should work too.
    >     Thanks,
    >     Pramod

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