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From ilango dhandapani <ilango.dhandap...@gmail.com>
Subject ZooKeeper in different datacenters
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2018 16:02:13 GMT

Planning to change existing zk/solr model.

Existing:- All solr (4 servers ) and zk (3 servers) on same datacenter.

To Be:- 
1. To have disaster recovery, planning to have 2 solr servers on 1st DC and
other 2 solr servers on 2nd DC. Seems there should not be any issue here.
Each shard will have 1st node in 1st DC and 2nd node in 2nd DC.
2. Planing to run 3 zk nodes on 1st DC and 3 zk nodes on 2nd DC. Now will
affect the performance ?
3. Will this affect the replication between the solr nodes on different DCs
4. Say if master ZK is 1st DC, will that impact replication on solr servers
which is on 2nd DC.


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