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From Martin Serrano <mar...@attivio.com>
Subject Re: How to catch NodeExistsException
Date Fri, 28 Aug 2015 22:01:22 GMT
I find this annoying too.  At one point my company was running a custom
zookeeper build that turned those messages to DEBUG on the server.  We
did not want to change the logging level because we found the other INFO
messages are useful.  The only thing I know to do is to use an existence
check first but this is unfortunate because it requires two calls. 
Maybe a multi-op could be used but that seems too complex for such a
common use case.


On 08/28/2015 05:47 PM, Daniel Kashtan wrote:
> I have this code using Curator:
> try
> {
>    client.create().forPath(path);
> }
> catch (KeeperException.NodeExistsException ex)
> {
>    LOG.debug("caught NodeExistsException");
> }
> The trouble is that it is never caught and zookeeper pollutes my production
> logs with what are probably harmless exceptions. I assume that my code
> executes just fine but later on the ZooKeeper server throws the exception
> as it does work in the background. Is there a way to gracefully catch those
> exceptions so they don't pile up in my production logs?
> I have tried in the past to fix my code so these exceptions are never
> thrown, but I have not found much in the documentation or on google on how
> to deal with these exceptions. Is it a known problem? I would love to solve
> these issues too if possible.

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