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From Shushant Arora <shushantaror...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: zookeeper max no of children of znode
Date Sat, 27 Jun 2015 11:38:41 GMT
Say a client was connected to follower F1, And F1 was few seconds behind
the leader. Then its connection got lost
and session is transformed to follwer F2 which is in full sync with Leader.
Then client will loose some updates ?

Since now client will see latest state . All state changes between F1 lag
to complete sync (F2)  are lost ?

On Sat, Jun 27, 2015 at 4:17 PM, Ivan Kelly <ivank@apache.org> wrote:

> Hi Shushant
> Is there any max number of children limit of a znode?
> > As there is a limit of 1MB data of a znode.
> >
> There's no explicit limit to the number of children. However, there is a
> limit to the size of the packet that can be sent back from the server in
> response to getChildren which effectly ends up being the limit. This is
> controls with a system property, jute.maxbuffer and defaults to 4MB (I
> think you can get a around 200,000 znodes into this, though it also depends
> on the length of the znode name).
> > Does in zookeeper noodes which are behind the leader not accept the
> > connection til they come in sync? If yes and only those nodes which are
> in
> > sync with leader accept the connection then How Zookeeper is eventual
> > consistent, it should be fully consistent then since client will never
> get
> > connected to unsync nodes.
> >
> Once they have joined the quorum, all zookeeper nodes will accept client
> connections. Followers are not guaranteed to be 100% in sync with the
> leader, due to physics (messages take time to travel over the network).
> However, a follower does guarantee that all clients connected will see all
> updates in the same sequence that they occur on the server, and they should
> only be a number of milliseconds behind. This isn't eventual consistency.
> Thats what databases like cassandra do where all clients will eventually be
> able to see all updates though the order it sees them can change.
> ZooKeeper provides sequential consistency. However it only provides this
> consistency within a single client session.
> -Ivan

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