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From Karol Dudzinski <karoldudzin...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Leader election duration
Date Wed, 29 Apr 2015 17:29:13 GMT
Did a bit more investigation today though I didn't try the prod snapshot in a test cluster.
 I did however find a couple of other strange things which I'd initially missed.

When the leader of this particular cluster goes for a reboot, I see many notification printouts
from FastLeaderElection.  On some occasions I've seen nearly 50.  In other clusters I usually
see 5 or thereabouts.  The number of these notifications seems to correlate with how long
election took.  What could cause it to require exchanging so many messages?

This cluster also seems to often timeout while syncing after selecting the leader.  On the
new leader I see the expected number of "Follower sid: ..." messages but it doesn't always
get to the "Synchronizing with Follower" part.  On the leader I then get a "Unexpected exception
causing shutdown while sock still open" message followed by a GOODBYE for one of the followers.
 At the same time on that follower I see a "Exception when following the leader" caused by
a read timeout in Learner.registerWithLeader.  Does anything happen prior to syncing that
could take a long time?


> On 28 Apr 2015, at 20:22, Karol Dudzinski <karoldudzinski@gmail.com> wrote:
> Well these are prod clusters so my ability to experiment is rather limited.  I can take
a copy of the snapshot and try both 3 node and 5 in a test cluster.
> One thing I forgot to mention is that in most clusters the number of election notification
log lines I see is typically, give or take, the same as the number of participants.  In this
cluster however, it's typically 2 or 3 times as many notifications as the number of participants.
> My gut feeling is it's more likely to be due to load as the 5 node cluster is much busier
and the election time has been increasing over time (as has load).  I have no idea exactly
what load though, whether it's number of clients, frequency of transactions, total data size,
etc.  I don't understand why though but that may just be my limited knowledge of the election
> Karol
>> On 28 Apr 2015, at 19:54, Camille Fournier <camille@apache.org> wrote:
>> Just out of curiosity, if you start the 5 node cluster up with only 3 of
>> the nodes to begin with (like, config 5, but only bring up 3 processes),
>> does it speed up the leader election or is it still slow?
>> C
>> On Tue, Apr 28, 2015 at 1:41 PM, Karol Dudzinski <karoldudzinski@gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> We're seeing some rather strange leader election in one of our clusters.
>>> The duration reported by the "FOLLOWING - LEADER ELECTION TOOK" log line
>>> (and equivalent for the leader) seems to vary hugely.  During one rolling
>>> reboot, I saw the number reported as small as 39ms and as large as 57
>>> seconds (difference in units is not a typo).  The average is just about 10
>>> seconds and std dev also about 10 seconds.  So the time taken is not only
>>> quite large, it's also very variable.
>>> We have other clusters but the average election time in those is in the
>>> hundreds of millis with std dev in a similar ballpark.  I guess one
>>> difference is the "slow" cluster is 5 participants while the others are 3,
>>> which may be a factor but I wouldn't expect it to make two orders of
>>> magnitude difference!
>>> So my question is, what factors contribute to the election time reported
>>> by these log lines? And what can we do to speed this up?
>>> As far as I understand from logs and a quick browse through the code that
>>> time is the time to select a leader.  Syncing up to the leader happens
>>> after that.  The syncing part I can understand will vary depending on load
>>> but I don't see why selecting the leader would.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Karol

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