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From Vikrant Singh <vikr...@yahoo-inc.com.INVALID>
Subject Re: ZooKeeper
Date Thu, 16 Apr 2015 19:03:17 GMT
Not sure, but this may be problem..<mem type="nursery" free="0" total="120782848" percent="0"
You may try to adjust memory assigned to JVM. I think -Xns is the option you may like to

     On Thursday, 16 April 2015 10:52 AM, Chris Barlock <barlock@us.ibm.com> wrote:

 We have a system which is running a single instance of ZK.  It is 
currently using 100% of a CPU core.  The zookeeper-server.err file is 
logging one of these entries every two seconds:

<exclusive-start id="699575" timestamp="2015-04-16T13:43:10.361" 
  <response-info timems="0.011" idlems="0.011" threads="0" 
lastname="NIOServerCxn.Factory:" />
<af-start id="699576" totalBytesRequested="16392" 
timestamp="2015-04-16T13:43:10.361" intervalms="2179.019" />
<cycle-start id="699577" type="scavenge" contextid="0" 
timestamp="2015-04-16T13:43:10.361" intervalms="2179.017" />
<gc-start id="699578" type="scavenge" contextid="699577" 
  <mem-info id="699579" free="325374712" total="523370496" percent="62">
    <mem type="nursery" free="0" total="120782848" percent="0" />
    <mem type="tenure" free="325374712" total="402587648" percent="80">
      <mem type="soa" free="324569848" total="401782784" percent="80" />
      <mem type="loa" free="804864" total="804864" percent="100" />
    <remembered-set count="1964" />
<allocation-stats totalBytes="120125544" >
  <allocated-bytes non-tlh="16392" tlh="120109152" />
  <largest-consumer threadName="NIOServerCxn.Factory:" 
threadId="000000002152F500" bytes="118617128" />
<gc-op id="699580" type="scavenge" timems="1.907" contextid="699577" 
  <scavenger-info tenureage="14" tiltratio="89" />
  <memory-copied type="nursery" objects="1099" bytes="93088" 
bytesdiscarded="300896" />
  <memory-copied type="tenure" objects="12" bytes="8464" 
bytesdiscarded="122608" />
<gc-end id="699581" type="scavenge" contextid="699577" durationms="1.977" 
  <mem-info id="699582" free="445632504" total="523370496" percent="85">
    <mem type="nursery" free="120388864" total="120782848" percent="99" />
    <mem type="tenure" free="325243640" total="402587648" percent="80">
      <mem type="soa" free="324438776" total="401782784" percent="80" />
      <mem type="loa" free="804864" total="804864" percent="100" />
    <remembered-set count="107" />
<cycle-end id="699583" type="scavenge" contextid="699577" 
timestamp="2015-04-16T13:43:10.363" />
<allocation-satisfied id="699584" threadId="000000002152F500" 
bytesRequested="16392" />
<af-end id="699585" timestamp="2015-04-16T13:43:10.363" />
<exclusive-end id="699586" timestamp="2015-04-16T13:43:10.363" 
durationms="2.177" />

I can connec to the server with zkCli.sh, but a simple "ls /" fails with a 
ConnectionLossException.  I have no idea how to go about diagnosing the 
problem, so any help would be appreciated.



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