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From Todd <bit1...@163.com>
Subject Re:Re: Re: Question about the two-phrase commit
Date Tue, 06 Jan 2015 15:33:31 GMT

Thanks Alex.Now I clearly understand what zookeeper guarantees and what doesn't. I will revisit
Paxos algorithm as you pointed to me.I didn't really understand it before.  Thanks a lot

At 2015-01-06 23:17:50, "Alexander Shraer" <shralex@gmail.com> wrote:
>Both scenarios are possible and are ok. An operation is guaranteed not to
>be lost only if a quorum acked it. If less than a quorum acked it may be
>lost or may remain as in your scenarios. Imagine, for example, that a
>client connects to a server, submits an operation and right after the
>server receives it from the client the server crashes. Or if the server
>doesn't receive it at all and the client fails. The operation can be lost
>in these cases too. Intuitively what's important is that its not lost after
>it is committed or after someone saw it. And this can't happen with the
>guarantee that it will not be lost if a quorum acks it.
>Try reading "Paxos made simple" for a better intuition on this.
>On Mon, Jan 5, 2015 at 10:15 PM, bit1129@163.com <bit1129@163.com> wrote:
>> Thanks Alex for the detailed explanation, I understand  much better.
>> Following the your explanation, another question hits me. Say, that, only
>> one follower A persist the write to the disk and acks the proposal to the
>> leader,but others don't.
>> The all the quorum are restarted. There are two things may happen
>> 1. B,C,D starts first, assume D is the leader.
>> Then A's last write will be lost because A will sync with D, I think this
>> is OK because, the client of A didn't get the response that A's write is
>> successful.
>> 2. A,B,C starts first
>> Assume A is the leader since it has more recent transaction id, then the
>> whole quorum will have this write because B,C  will sync with A. At last,
>> the whole quorum will have the write. Is this the expected behavior?
>> I don't think so because 1 and 2 are conflicting. In 1, A's write is
>> inaccessible,but in 2, A's write is accessible.
>> Is there something that I miss? Thanks.
>> bit1129@163.com
>> From: Alexander Shraer
>> Date: 2015-01-06 13:26
>> To: user@zookeeper.apache.org
>> Subject: Re: Question about the two-phrase commit
>> Hi,
>> A few things are not accurate. First, ZooKeeper implements consensus on
>> each operation, not 2 phase commit.
>> There are differences in the definition and guaratees of 2PC and Consensus.
>> > 2. Followers ack the proposal and writes the change to the disk(but not
>> persisted yet?)
>> Before acking a follower writes/persists the proposed operation to disk (an
>> operations log).
>> > 4. When each follower receives the commit request, follower commits the
>> changes(persist the change for ever?)
>> The commit operaiton does not trigger a write to disk. What it does is that
>> now the state change is applied to an in memory data structure holding
>> ZooKeeper state. Since reads are served from that in-memory data structure,
>> the write is now visible to reads.
>> > d. Assume that When the response from A is  back to client telling the
>> client that the write is successful, But in the period, the
>> > other followers (B,C,D) haven't even received the commit request, and
>> B,C,D are down without getting a chance to commit the
>> > change.
>> Whether an operation was "committed" or not is not important during
>> recovery. What's important is that a quorum acked it. So when you restart
>> B, C, D, one of them necessarily has this write in its log. The others may
>> have it or not but in any case, who ever is elected leader will have this
>> operation in the log. When a leader is established the log is applied to
>> memory (there are also snapshots which allow truncating the log, so the
>> snapshot is applied first and then the log). When A syncs with the new
>> leader, the only thing that it can loose are operations that were not acked
>> by a quorum previously, and hence was not committed.
>> Alex
>> On Sun, Jan 4, 2015 at 11:05 PM, bit1129@163.com <bit1129@163.com> wrote:
>> >
>> > In the above process, something rare could happen
>> > a. Say,there are 5 nodes in the quorum(1 leader E, 4 follower A,B,C,D).
>> > b. The write operation is issued by the client that connects to Follower
>> A
>> > c. A commits the changes and response to the client that the writer
>> > succeeds.
>> > d. Assume that When the response from A is  back to client telling the
>> > client that the write is successful, But in the period, the other
>> followers
>> H
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