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From Matt Brown <Matthew.Br...@citrix.com>
Subject Re: Inconsistent connection listing for each Zookeeper server
Date Fri, 18 Apr 2014 16:50:45 GMT
I'm not sure what Zookeeper client you are using but typically when your
client(s) connect to your ensemble, the client driver will choose a random
server from the connection string to connect to.

When a client sets a watch, the watch is stored at the Zookeeper server
that the client is connected to only. So if you have a client connected to
server S1 that sets a bunch of watches on different paths, and another
client that connects to server S2 that sets a different series of watches,
only server S1 knows about the first client's watches and only S2 knows
about the second client's watches.

On 4/15/14, 8:38 PM, "zoolrunning" <jttmpmail@yahoo.com> wrote:

>We have a single node with three Zookeeper servers.  When I list out the
>watches for each server, the servers have different output.  Shouldn't the
>output be the same?
>The leader is the server with port 2182.  I have already cleared out the
>data directory.
>Here is the output of when I send commands to the servers:
>[root@j ~]# echo wchc |nc devzoo 2181
>        /G.DEV/g/_c_ec6d2865-3d90-4977-8683-66e3c02b1d0f-lock-0000000000
>        /N/G
>        /G.DEV
>        /N/G/b
>        /N/G/b/b0000000000
>        /G.DEV/g/_c_56139136-d7f2-4b1f-9e5b-7c7d1f2679b8-lock-0000000001
>        /
>        /N
>        /G.DEV/g
>        /zookeeper/quota
>        /zookeeper
>[root@j ~]# echo wchc |nc devzoo 2182
>        /G.DEV/g/_c_ec6d2865-3d90-4977-8683-66e3c02b1d0f-lock-0000000000
>[root@j ~]# echo wchc |nc devzoo 2183
>[root@j ~]# echo envi |nc devzoo 2181
>zookeeper.version=3.4.5-1392090, built on 09/30/2012 17:52 GMT
>java.vendor=Oracle Corporation
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