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From Ben Hall <...@zynga.com>
Subject Re: How to join quorum without restarting existing servers
Date Tue, 05 Nov 2013 16:24:23 GMT
Hi Jae,

I wrote that article several years ago. (tbh - I hope it is not totally
out of date by now).  I agree with German's points.

The issue it was solving was to replace a bad server without having to
shutdown the ensemble and without having to update the config files on
each server. I would also add that this only works as long as the server
names and ports are the same - iirc at the time the article was written we
were using servers in AWS and referencing them either by assigned
hostnames such as zookeeper-[01|11] or by elastic IP's that could be moved
from server to server.

If I understand your question correctly, if you are "adding a new server"
such as going from 7 to 9 servers, then this approach won't benefit you as

We also used this approach when we would upgrade the servers, but like
German said we did it one server at a time so that the Leader election
could be natural.  This allowed us to upgrade a pool of 11 servers who
were responsible for many thousands of client connections without any down


On 11/5/13 6:51 AM, "German Blanco" <german.blanco.blanco@gmail.com> wrote:

>... and make sure that there is no rubbish in the data dir of the new
>On Tue, Nov 5, 2013 at 3:49 PM, German Blanco <
>german.blanco.blanco@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello Jae,
>> I think that the answer to your question is "no, there is no benefit in
>> rolling restart in that case".
>> If you remove a machine that was hosting a zookeeper server that was
>> of a cluster, and replace it with a new machine, with a zookeeper server
>> running the same software version and listening on the same IP and
>> then this new server will join the cluster, synchronize and start
>> normally.
>> I wouldn't recommend to replace more than one server at a time, and I
>> think that it is better if the new server joins while the existing
>> is stable (avoid leader elections while the new server joins, i.e. avoid
>> restarts or disconnections of the existing servers).
>> Best regards,
>> Germán.
>> On Tue, Nov 5, 2013 at 6:42 AM, Bae, Jae Hyeon <metacret@gmail.com>
>>> Hi
>>> I read an article
>>> My question is, even though failed hardware is replaced with the same
>>> address, do I need to do rolling restart for adding replaced hardware
>>> the quorum?
>>> I am using zookeeper ver3.4.5.
>>> Thank you
>>> Best, Jae

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