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From Eugene Dzhurinsky <jdeve...@gmail.com>
Subject Holding hundreds of thousands nodes in a cluster with high throughput
Date Wed, 25 Sep 2013 00:38:19 GMT

I think of implementing a distributed queue and distributed map using

I need to store somewhat like 50-100K of nodes being processed in a cluster on
ZooKeepers. Most operations would be

- check if node exists
- create node if it does not exist
- update node data (atomically)
- rename node from one subtree to another one
- concurrently queried/updated by 5 processes and 10 threads each, so 50-100
clients connected, estimated 100-500 requests per second.

I am concerned about network traffic in the cluster and memory usage on each
node (since it will hold entire replica of data).

Please advice if ZooKeeper is a correct library for that.


Eugene N Dzhurinsky

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