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From Thawan Kooburat <tha...@fb.com>
Subject Re: Clarification regarding maxClientCnxns parameter
Date Fri, 31 May 2013 02:01:21 GMT
Client automatically, failover to other machines when it detect problem.

maxClientCnxn is maintained by each server  (a simple IP to connection
count map)

If you only have m connections(sessions) per IP, then that should be the
right value to use. However, it is possible that a given IP can create 3*m
sessions to the ensemble in your case.

Thawan Kooburat

On 5/29/13 5:31 AM, "Richards Peter" <hbkrichards@gmail.com> wrote:

>Hi all,
>Thanks for your replies.
>I will try to describe my setting in very simple terms. Assume that I have
>n machines running m number of JVMs each. Each JVM would connect to
>zookeeper cluster(having 3 servers currently) to maintain some state
>information. In this case would you recommend me to restrict
>to m?
>Initially I was thinking that zookeeper cluster is keeping a kind of state
>replica in all the machines. But when I read about the description of
>maxClientCnxns, I felt that it is not replica which is stored in
>Each client connection could go to a different zookeeper server. So I
>wanted to confirm whether the clients would connect in a load balanced
>Since clients connect randomly to any server, would it lead to increased
>loads on some servers than the others?

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