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From Jordan Zimmerman <jor...@jordanzimmerman.com>
Subject Re: What should I do with SyncDisconnected
Date Thu, 14 Mar 2013 21:43:58 GMT
> But how long to wait? If the server is truly partitioned from ZK, then
> I'll wait forever, and the client request will be hung forever.
Curator waits for the time specified as the "connection timeout". Curator introduces three
connection states, CONNECTED, SUSPENDED and LOST. When SysDisconnected is received, Curator
sets the state to SUSPENDED and then issues a sync() in the background. This sync() does through
Curator's normal connection management, retries, etc. If the sync() doesn't succeed within
the connection timeout, Curator sets the state to LOST. How the application handles these
state changes is, of course, up to the app. 

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