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From Ivan Kelly <iv...@apache.org>
Subject What should I do with SyncDisconnected
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2013 21:01:40 GMT
Hi guys,

We have a usecase here where zookeeper is used to coordinate ownership
of partitions of a resource. When one server dies, the partition
should be moved to another server, etc. The action we need to take on
SessionExpired is very clear. We just kill the server.

However it is unclear what we should do on a SyncDisconnected. We
can't just kill our server, as it may have just been one zookeeper
server failing. If we block all client requests to our server while we
wait for SyncConnected, we may block forever in the case that our
server is partitioned away from the zk cluster. If we continue to
serve requests, we risk split brain[1].

What have people done in the past to resolve issues like this?


[1] This is a risk anyhow without proper fencing, but a limited amount
is ok in our application.

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