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From Ben Bangert <...@groovie.org>
Subject ANN: Kazoo 0.5 (Now a pure Python client)
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2012 21:51:47 GMT
Kazoo 0.5 has been released today, which features a refactor into a pure Python client with
no C lib dependency (based on jute and the pookeeper code written by Alan D. Cabrera). It
stays faithful to the state transitions of the C lib, without many of the gymnastics needed
to handle zhandle's and such properly.

We're aiming to implement Zookeeper 3.4 features such as Transactions/Multi and Read-Only
mode in the next release.

It can be installed off Pypi. Complete and thorough docs available at http://kazoo.readthedocs.org


0.5 (9/6/2012)

Skipping a version to reflect the magnitude of the change. Kazoo is now a pure
Python client with no C bindings. This release should run without a problem
on alternate Python implementations such as PyPy and Jython. Porting to Python
3 in the future should also be much easier.


- Docs have been restructured to handle the new classes and locations of the
  methods from the pure Python refactor.

Bug Handling

This change may introduce new bugs, however there is no longer the possibility
of a complete Python segfault due to errors in the C library and/or the C

- Possible segfaults from the C lib are gone.
- Password mangling due to the C lib is gone.
- The party recipes didn't set their participating flag to False after


- New `client.command` and `client.server_version` API, exposing Zookeeper's
  four letter commands and giving access to structured version information.
- Added 'include_data' option for get_children to include the node's Stat
- Substantial increase in logging data with debug mode. All correspondence with
  the Zookeeper server can now be seen to help in debugging.

API Changes

- The testing helpers have been moved from `testing.__init__` into a
  `testing.harness` module. The official API's of `KazooTestCase` and
  `KazooTestHarness` can still be directly imported from `testing`.
- The kazoo.handlers.util module was removed.
- Backwards compatible exception class aliases are provided for now in kazoo
  exceptions for the prior C exception names.
- Unicode strings now work fine for node names and are properly converted to
  and from unicode objects.
- The data value argument for the create and create_async methods of the
  client was made optional and defaults to an empty byte string. The data
  value must be a byte string. Unicode values are no longer allowed and
  will raise a TypeError.

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