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From Ben Tomasini <ben.tomas...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Modifying log level in python libraries
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2012 01:59:08 GMT

I thought I was using the Python C binding lib.  I will try using the
Kazoo lib instead.

FWIW, Here is the log output I am trying to suppress:

2012-09-20 18:54:44,410:36343(0x7fff7a3cb960):ZOO_INFO@log_env@712:
Client environment:zookeeper.version=zookeeper C client 3.4.3
2012-09-20 18:54:44,411:36343(0x7fff7a3cb960):ZOO_INFO@log_env@716:
Client environment:host.name=btomasini-mac1.local
2012-09-20 18:54:44,411:36343(0x7fff7a3cb960):ZOO_INFO@log_env@723:
Client environment:os.name=Darwin
2012-09-20 18:54:44,411:36343(0x7fff7a3cb960):ZOO_INFO@log_env@724:
Client environment:os.arch=11.4.0


On Thu, Sep 20, 2012 at 5:41 PM, Ben Bangert <ben@groovie.org> wrote:
> On Sep 20, 2012, at 4:52 PM, Ben Tomasini <ben.tomasini@gmail.com> wrote:
>> I am using the zookeeper Python bindings and am trying to suppress the
>> INFO level log messages it is producing.  I am new to Python logging.
>> I tried reconfiguring it with the following to no avail:
>> logging.basicConfig(level=logging.ERROR)
> Could you be a little more specific on what library you're using to talk to Zookeeper?
> What you've written there will work.... if the code uses the Python standard logging
library, which the Python C binding and C lib does not. I'd suggest trying Kazoo which is
a pure Python Zookeeper library that uses standard Python logging calls.
> Also, logging.ERROR is pretty catastrophic, so most libraries ideally will never show
anything at that level unless something horrible happened. Try setting it to logging.INFO
or logging.DEBUG for more verbose messages.
> Cheers,
> Ben

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