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From Mark Gius <mgius7...@gmail.com>
Subject Does Leader Election Have a "Settling" period?
Date Thu, 10 May 2012 20:35:54 GMT
I'm doing some testing around a Client being connected to a zookeeper
endpoint that goes away and I'm seeing what appears to be a "settling"
period that is causing some errors.

The test is as follows:

 1) Three zookeeper servers are started up on the same host, configured to
cluster with each other.
 2) A Client is created and attaches to Server 1 (using
deterministic_conn_order flag to force this)
 3) Shut down Server 1 (which is NOT the Leader)
 4) Servers 2 and 3 still have quorum.  Interruption of service should be
 5) The Client _should_ reconnect immediately to Server 2 or 3.

The behavior I am seeing in practice is that after shutting down Server 1
quorum is lost and the Client takes on the order of 15-20 seconds to
re-establish a connection to the cluster.  I do not see this behavior on a
cluster that has existed for some time (say, 30-60 seconds).  I also do not
see this problem on a cluster whose tickTime has been decreased to 100ms
from the default of 2000ms.

Is there a settling period that occurs immediately after a Leader is
elected such that quorate changes during that time cause a full leader
election when one might not otherwise be necessary?  If so, where can I
find information about how this settling period behaves?

I have uploaded the logs for each of the three zookeeper servers here:


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