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From <Alexandar.Gvozdeno...@ubs.com>
Subject Possible issue with cluster availability following new Leader Election - ZK 3.4
Date Wed, 09 May 2012 13:27:07 GMT

Hi Zookeeper devs and users, 

I've been doing some load and failover testing on the ZK 3.4 branch
using moderately large data sets (700mb and 20k nodes) and I think there
could be an issue. 

When I bring down the leader of a 3 node cluster, it takes around 20-30
seconds for the cluster as a whole to become available again. 
This is because once a new leader is elected it pushes out a snapshot to
all the peers who in turn persist it locally before sending an ack back.
Only then does the leader decide he has a valid quorum. In this case
pretty much all the time is taken up sending the data over the network
and re-saving it. 

Granted I'm testing this on some low-spec VM's so I wouldn't expect a
real-world sync for a data set that size to take anything like as long.
However is this not a significant constraint on availability if,
whenever a leader fails, a full snapshot needs to sent to and persisted
by a quorum of peers before the cluster as a whole can be deemed as

I notice when a peer joins a stable cluster as a follower,
synchronization is implemented via diffs and the peer is quickly
available for client connections provided it already had an up to date
local state. 
Should not something similar not be possible when a new leader is
elected. A quick glance at the code (line 390 of LearnerHandler)
suggests there is some logic to send an empty diff but I never see this

I'm am not mutating any state in the cluster whilst I am bringing stuff
up and down so is this behaviour a bug or by design?

I saw a related question
6868.html#a7089472) a few months back that touched on this, but there
was not much follow up. 

Many thanks


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