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From "Berk D. Demir" <...@mindcast.org>
Subject Re: maven-metadata in Maven Central still points to 3.3.1
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2012 19:57:16 GMT
On Fri, Mar 9, 2012 at 10:12 AM, Patrick Hunt <phunt@apache.org> wrote:
> ...
> Is it possible to use Nexus w/o using maven? IE
> can we drive this from our ant scripts, or at the very least do it by
> hand? What's the process look like if doing by hand (I've used nexus
> with other projects, but only via maven).

It is possible. Here's a step-by-step guide from Sonatype OSSRH documentation.
I don't think Apache repo mandates PGP signing, so you can skip it but
please don't if you can.

>> If the developers are not interested in this one yet, please reach Apache
>> Infra and make them delete ZK in repo.apache.org.
>> This is so annoying (reason explained below)
> What will be the effect of doing this? (deleting repo.apache.org) I
> don't remember setting this up, might someone be depending upon it?

There will be no effect for Maven users because Maven Central
repository is included implicitly in resolution path if you don't
explicitly exclude it.
For people building with SBT, Grails or Apache buildr, there won't be
any changes as well. Maven Central is implicitly included if not
explicitly banned by the user in their build configuration.
For people building with Ivy2 and specifying RAO instead of
people.apache.org, they will need to change their resolver
specification. These users are stuck in 3.3.1 anyway. It's time to change.

So, there are three options now.
- The immediate solution is just to delete all the artifacts in RAO for
now so Maven Central doesn't corrupt metadata.
- More elegant solution is just to copy paste the Ant instructions from
OSSRH documentation and start pushing to RAO from Ant and deleting
people.apache.org repo (which may break Ivy2 users if they don't
declare Maven Central in their build. ...But the odds are high they
also rely on something else hosted in The Central)
- The end game is to Mavenize the build process, publish to RAO and
delete entire people.apache.org repo.

Which ever you choose and proceed, you will make Maven, SBT, Grails
and buildr users happy because they can reach ZK from Maven
Central without defining additional repositories and most importantly
all the projects which are publishing to Maven Central and depending
on ZK can now let their users to move to newer ZK versions instead of
being stuck with 3.3.1.


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