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From Joe Gamache <jgama...@team345.com>
Subject Newbie design question
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2012 11:58:47 GMT
Hello folks,

I skimmed the archives, but couldn't find a way to search them, does 
that exist?

So I am new to zookeeper and was hoping to get some early guidance.  The 
first little part of what I need to implement is fairly 
straight-forward.  I have a list of requests.  Each request needs to be 
issued out to a different machine and monitored.   Ok, it's very 
straight-forward!  :)  There are no dependencies between these jobs.  
There is to another set of jobs, but I don't have to deal with that for 
this first step.  There will probably be on the order of fifty 
machines.   Looking over the documentation and examples, it seems like I 
can just use a Queue, Executor, and Monitor....

My question is do I need/want zookeeper on all of the nodes or just 3,5, 
or 7 (as an ensemble)?   Is there a known tradeoff between the two 
approaches - all nodes or small subset?

Sorry if this or similar questions have already been asked, but thanks 
for any pointers.


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