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From Gunnar Wagenknecht <gun...@wagenknecht.org>
Subject Timing issue when running embedded?
Date Wed, 18 May 2011 06:45:48 GMT

I have an application that uses ZooKeeper. There is an ensemble in
production. But in order to simplify development the application will
start an embedded ZooKeeper server when started in development mode. We
are experiencing a timing issue with ZooKeeper 3.3.3 and I was wondering
if this is allowed to be happen or if we did something wrong when
starting the embedded server.

Basically, we have a watch registered using an #exists call and watch
code like the following.

public void process(final WatchedEvent event) {
  switch (event.getType()) {
    case NodeCreated:

protected void pathCreated(final String path) {
  // process events only for this node
  if (!isMyPath(path))
  try {
    loadNode(); // calls zk.getData(String, Watcher, Stat)
  } catch (final Exception e) {
    // got NoNodeException here (but not when debugging)
    log(..., e)

>From inspecting the logs we noticed a NoNodeException. When setting
breakpoints on #loadNode and stepping through we don't get the
exception. But when setting a breakpoint on #log only we got a hit and
could confirm the issue this way.

The path is actually some levels deep. All the parent paths don't exist
either so they are created as well. However, no exception is thrown fro
them. The sequence is as follows.

/l1  --> watch triggered, getData, no exception
/l1/l2  --> watch triggered, getData, no exception
/l1/l2/l3  --> watch triggered, getData, no exception
/l1/l2/l3/l4  --> watch triggered, getData, no exception
/l1/l2/l3/l4/l5  --> watch triggered, getData, no exception
/l1/l2/l3/l4/l5/l6  --> watch triggered, getData, NoNodeException

The only difference is that all paths up to including l5 do not actually
have any data. Only l6 has some data. Could there be some latency issues?

For completeness, the embedded server is started as follows.

// disable LOG4J JMX stuff
System.setProperty("zookeeper.jmx.log4j.disable", Boolean.TRUE.toString());

// get directories
final File dataDir = new File(config.getDataLogDir());
final File snapDir = new File(config.getDataDir());

// clean old logs
PurgeTxnLog.purge(dataDir, snapDir, 3);

// create standalone server
zkServer = new ZooKeeperServer();
zkServer.setTxnLogFactory(new FileTxnSnapLog(dataDir, snapDir));

factory = new NIOServerCnxn.Factory(config.getClientPortAddress(),

// start server
LOG.info("Starting ZooKeeper standalone server.");
try {
} catch (final InterruptedException e) {
  LOG.warn("Interrupted during server start.", e);


Gunnar Wagenknecht

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