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From Semih Salihoglu <se...@stanford.edu>
Subject Question about the Barrier Java example on the ZooKeeper documentation
Date Sun, 06 Mar 2011 01:06:17 GMT
Hi All,

I am new to this group and to ZooKeeper. I was readin the Barrier tutorial
in one of the ZooKeeper documentations.
http://hadoop.apache.org/zookeeper/docs/current/zookeeperTutorial.html . A
barrier primitive is exactly how I want to use ZooKeeper. I have a question
about this example. It's not really a ZooKeeper question, it's more a
question about the Barrier primitive I think. Here it is: In the enter
method of this Barrier implementation below

boolean enter() throws KeeperException, InterruptedException{
            zk.create(root + "/" + name, new byte[0], Ids.OPEN_ACL_UNSAFE,
            while (true) {
                synchronized (mutex) {
                    List<String> list = zk.getChildren(root, true);

                    if (list.size() < size) {
                    } else {
                        return true;

could there be a race condition? Let's say there are two
machines/nodes: node1 and node2 that will use this code to synchronize
over ZK. Let's say the following steps take place:

   1. node1 calls the zk.create method and then reads the number of
children, and sees that it's 1 and starts waiting.
   2. node2 calls the zk.create method (doesn't call the
zk.getChildren method yet, let's say it's very slow)
   3. node1 is notified that the number of children on the znode
changed, it checks that the size is 2 so it leaves the barrier, it
does its work and then leaves the barrier, deleting its node.
   4. node2 calls zk.getChildren and because node1 has already left,
it sees that the number of children is equal to 1. Since node1 will
never enter the barrier again, it will keep waiting.

Could this scenario happen? If not, what is preventing this? I haven't
copied the code piece that enters barrier-does work-leaves barrier.
But in the link I pasted above, it's the barrierTest(String args[])

Thank you very much in advance,


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