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From Alex Baranau <alex.barano...@gmail.com>
Subject zookeeper-3.3.2 has default maxClientCnxns set to 10?
Date Fri, 25 Mar 2011 19:36:38 GMT

I've set up a test HBase+Hadoop cluster yesterday and got the following
error in logs during running MR job (which internally creates HTable for

KeeperErrorCode = ConnectionLoss for /hbase

Then I went to Zookeeper logs and found this:

2011-03-24 22:41:49,884 - WARN  [NIOServerCxn.Factory:$Factory@247] - Too many connections from
/x.x.x.x - max is 10

As far as I know HBase configured to initiate up to 30 connections by
default, and maxClientCnxns for Zookeeper was meant to be 30 as well. Is
this a bug that I have it set to 10 by default? I use a version:
zookeeper-3.3.2-CDH3B4. Sorry if this issue is specific to CDH (then I
probably should post it in the correspondent ML).

After setting maxClientCnxns explicitly to 30 in zoo.cfg things work well.

Just to prevent some Qs, I have this in code:

when starting job:
    Configuration conf = HBaseConfiguration.create();
    Job job = new Job(conf, aggRawDataJobClass.getName());
    TableMapReduceUtil.initTableMapperJob(rawLogsTableName, scan,
            mapperClass, ImmutableBytesWritable.class, mappedAggregateClass,

in reducer:
public static class CustomReducer<T> extends
TableReducer<ImmutableBytesWritable, T, Writable> {
    protected void setup(Context context) throws IOException,
InterruptedException {
       hTable = new HTable(context.getConfiguration(), tableName);

Alex Baranau
Sematext :: http://sematext.com/ :: Solr - Lucene - Nutch - Hadoop - HBase
Hadoop ecosystem search :: http://search-hadoop.com/

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