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From Otis Gospodnetic <otis_gospodne...@yahoo.com>
Subject Using ZK for real-time group membership notification
Date Fri, 18 Mar 2011 21:02:52 GMT

Short version:
How can ZK be used to make sure that all group members know *the exact number of 
members at all times*?

I have an app that can be run on 1 or more servers.  New instances of the app 
come and go, may die, etc. -- the number of the app instances is completely 
dynamic.  At any one time, as these apps come and go, each live instance of the 
app needs to know how many instances are there total.  If a new instance of the 
app is started, all instances need to know the new total number of instances.  
If an app is stopped or if it dies, the remaining apps need to know the new 
number of app instances.

Also, and this is critical, they need to know about these additions/removals of 
apps right away and they all need to find out them at the same time. Basically, 
all members of some group need to know *the exact number of members at all 

This sounds almost like we need to watch a "parent group znode" and monitor the 
number of its ephemeral children, which represent each app instance that is 
watching the "parent groups znode".  Is that right?  If so, then all I'd need to 
know is the answer to "How many watchers are watching this znode?" of "How many 
kids does this znode have?". And I'd need ZK to notify all watchers whenever the 
answer to this question changes.  Ideally it would send/push the answer (the 
number of watchers) to all watchers, but if not, I assume any watcher that is 
notified about the change would go poll ZK to get the number of ephemeral kids.

I think the above is essentially what's described on 
http://eng.wealthfront.com/2010/01/actually-implementing-group-management.html , 
but doesn't answer the part that's critical for me (the very first Q up above).

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