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From Chris Medaglia <cmedag...@itasoftware.com>
Subject Re: WSDL/REST interface to zookeeper server
Date Tue, 29 Mar 2011 20:11:04 GMT
Seems like a good thing to have, for sure. I'd say following the model 
of extending the API is a better choice, and leave the Zookeeper service 
as light as possible. This has been done for languages like Perl and 
Python, and it seems natural to me to extend for WSDL/REST as well. I 
realize this isn't quite the same in that you'd be running a service 
rather than creating another programming API, but it seems to fall under 
more of a 'contrib' scenario than something that should be native to the 
Zookeeper service itself. That's my humble two cents. :-)

Chris Medaglia
ITA Software

On 3/29/11 Mar 29, 2011 3:56:32 PM, Oliver Wulff wrote:
> Hi there
> I can get access to the data stored in the zookeeper servers with the
> zookeeper client only. I'd like to provide a WSDL or REST interface to
> clients to read and maybe write information. I see two options
> 1) The WSDL/REST facade is deployed within the zookeeper server and runs
> within the same operating system process
> 2) The WSDL/REST facade is installed on the same machine but within a
> seperate process and uses the zookeeper client api
> IMHO, I'd prefer the 1st option but don't know whether this is possible. I
> also had the idea to deploy the zookeeper server into an OSGi container and
> the facade is a seperate bundle.
> Which solution makes more sense to you and why?
> Thanks a lot
> Oliver

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