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From David Alves <davidral...@gmail.com>
Subject A few questions on zookeeper
Date Mon, 06 Dec 2010 15:43:04 GMT

	I'm a recent user of zookeeper (awesome work btw) and although I've (most of) the wiki and
already have some running code I still have some questions.
	1- Feasibility of a two node cluster:
		Q- I know zookeeper runs over (a approx. version of) paxos and tolerates f failures in 2f+1
nodes but would it be possible to use in a 2 server + 1 quorum disk deployment (much like
windows clusters do)? The objective would be to use ZK  both for distributed (processing nodes
>2) and single processing node (2 nodes active-passive) highly available deployments.
	2- Meta-ZK cluster group membership/management.
		Zk already provides a group membership construct by allowing to register/unregister ephemeral
nodes and by deleting them on failed sessions, but would it be possible to do so for the actual
zookeeper ensemble? For instance I'd like to make nodes add themselves to the ZK ensemble
based on its size (for instance keep adding nodes based if ensemble size < 5) and if a
node that is part of the ensemble fails then a new node would take its place. Is this possible?


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