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From David Carmean <...@halibut.com>
Subject [newb] cross-WAN ZK use?
Date Sun, 05 Dec 2010 17:47:48 GMT

I've been reading about ZK (and Hedwig) off and on for a few days, and 
I have a small application where ZK might be useful, but there is some 

My present app has very low performance requirements; I'm looking to 
maintain no more than a couple of thousand tiny znodes as configuration 
items and coordination bits for a monitoring application.  I'm experimenting 
with cross-site failover capability for various tiers of this application.
One of the requirements, however, is to be robust against a complete outage 
of any one datacenter (client has been burned by such an outage recently...)

Is it possible to turn some knobs that would relax the latency requirements 
in the ensemble voting process in return for giving up performance?  I really 
don't need more than a few tens of writes per second for this app.


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