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From amit jaiswal <amit_...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: BookKeeper newbie question
Date Fri, 01 Oct 2010 06:26:44 GMT

Can somebody please answer this query. 


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From: amit jaiswal <amit_jus@yahoo.com>
To: zookeeper-user@hadoop.apache.org
Sent: Tue, 28 September, 2010 10:07:33 PM
Subject: BookKeeper newbie question


I am experimenting with BookKeeper and have a question on LedgerHandler class. 
The readEntries(firstEntry, lastEntry) method takes the indexes of first and 
last entries. Also, the LedgerSequence object returned has method 

1. How does a client knows the index of the last entry? I was expecting clients 
to make a call like readEntries(0, Integer.MAX_INT) and the hasMoreElements() to 

return false the moment there are no more entries. Am I missing something in the 

way the API is supposed to be used?

2. The LedgerSequence.hasMoreElements() returns true (even if there are no more 
entries), and the nextEntry returns null.

Can someone  please clarify the correct semantics of these APIs.


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