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From adam lazur <...@facebook.com>
Subject looking for info on large scale zookeeper deployments
Date Wed, 08 Sep 2010 19:02:56 GMT
I brought this up on IRC, but mahadev pointed me here so more people
could benefit from the discussion.

I was primarily asking about the usage at Yahoo, but if you're reading
along, have information about a large zookeeper deployment, and would
like to share, please do so :)

I'm interested in the patterns used for zookeeper at large scale. For
a point of reference, I consider "large" to be anything above a coupla
thousand clients.

In this scope, here's a list of stuff I'm curious about:

1) I'd like to know if zookeeper is deployed in an "ensemble per
   application" model, or if there are deployments that use a "one
   general purpose ensemble per cluster" model, or maybe something else?

2) When the number of clients gets very large, are there tricks beyond
   simply scaling out observers with read load?

3) How is zk server discovery handled in a large environment? Hardcoded
   IPs? DNS aliases? Something else?

4) This was brought up on the list recently: is there a strategy for
   managing the ensemble member replacment problem? It's pretty
   undesirable to restart clients to learn about a replaced machine.

Those are all of my specific questions ... but if there's other info
that anyone feels is pertinent to this topic, please don't be shy :)


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