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From Rakhi Khatwani <rkhatw...@gmail.com>
Subject Solr Cloud/ Solr integration with zookeeper
Date Thu, 01 Jul 2010 13:12:51 GMT
       I wanna use solr cloud. i downloaded the code from the trunk, and
successfully executed the examples as shown in wiki. but when i try the same
with multicore. i cannot access:

it says page not found.

Following is my configuration of solr.xml in multicore directory:
<solr persistent="false">

adminPath: RequestHandler path to manage cores.
If 'null' (or absent), cores will not be manageable via request handler
<cores adminPath="/admin/cores" defaultCoreName="collection1">
<core name="GPTWPI" instanceDir="GPTWPI" shard="shard1"/>
<core name="BritGasAI" instanceDir="BritGasAI" shard="shard1" />
SolrCloud related attributes on core:
collection - The name of the collection this core belongs to.
Defaults to the name of the core.
shard - which shard of the collection this core has. Defaults
to a name derived from host:port_webapp_corename.
role - TBD

i have created zoo.cfg at the multicore directory with the following
# The number of milliseconds of each tick
# The number of ticks that the initial
# synchronization phase can take
# The number of ticks that can pass between
# sending a request and getting an acknowledgement

# the directory where the snapshot is stored.
# dataDir=/opt/zookeeper/data
# NOTE: Solr defaults the dataDir to <solrHome>/zoo_data

# the port at which the clients will connect
# clientPort=2181
# NOTE: Solr sets this based on zkRun / zkHost params

The command i run is:
java -Dsolr.solr.home=multicore -Dcollection.configName=myconf1 -DzkRun -jar

Am i going wrong anywhere?

Alternatively can we run an external zookeeper server which can communicate
with solr servers(as clients) and show the status of each solr server.


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