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From André Oriani <ra078...@students.ic.unicamp.br>
Subject Concurrent reads and writes on BookKeeper
Date Tue, 18 May 2010 23:29:33 GMT
Sorry, I forgot the subject on my last message :|

 Hi all,
 I was considering BookKeeper to implement some server replicated
 application having one primary server as writer and many backup servers
 reading from BookKeeper concurrently. The last documentation a I had
 access says "This writer has to execute a close ledger operation before
 any other client can read from it."  So readers cannot ready any entry on
 the ledger, even the already committed ones until writer stops writing to
 the ledger,i.e, closes it.  Is my understanding right ? Should I then use
 Zookeeper directly to achieve what I want ?

 Thanks for the attention,
 André Oriani

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