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From Michael Bauland <Michael.Baul...@knipp.de>
Subject Re: permanent ZSESSIONMOVED
Date Wed, 17 Mar 2010 07:18:37 GMT

> This is very different from most uses of ZK.  Normally Zookeeper is used on
> a private network with almost no packet loss.  Your high rate of loss may be
> tickling a protocol bug that other people
> just never see.

I'm not sure, but maybe my input could help, too. As I mentioned
earlier, I also run the three zookeeper servers not in a local
environment but across two sites in different countries (soon, in
production, it'll be three sites).
I'm accessing the zookeeper ensemble continuously with about 5 clients
for testing purposes. These clients are running on the same machine as
one of the three zookeeper servers. I have attached logs of two of the
zookeeper servers (one leader and one follower).
My clients have a way to recover from connectionloss by trying ten
times, then they wait for 5 seconds, close the zookeeper connection and
open a new one and try up to ten times again; then again waiting 10
secs, closing, reconnecting, trying, etc., up to 50 seconds, then they fail.
Sometimes all of the clients fail at about the same time. When I look at
the zookeeper logs I see that they report that the client connection
limit has been reached (which is set to 10, since I didn't set the value
at all), although this shouldn't happen since I have just 5 clients
running and none of them opens two connections at the same time, since
they're just single threaded.

To me it seems that there are some connections which actually shouldn't
be there (anymore).

For the logs, note that the clients are running also on the server which
is at that time the follower and I replaced my IPs by letters.



Michael Bauland

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