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From Mahadev Konar <maha...@yahoo-inc.com>
Subject Re: How large an ensemble can one build with Zookeeper?
Date Wed, 04 Mar 2009 01:53:15 GMT
HI Chad,
 The maximum number of zookeeper servers we have tested with is 13. Even
with 13 the performance starts to degrade very quickly (compared to ensemble
of 5 and 7). I am not sure we have the current numbers (we have made 3x or
so performance improvements) but with the old number in zookeeper.pdf on

The slide is at the end.

You can see that the performance drops with 13 servers. We usually suggest 5
or 7 servers for ZooKeeper. We can get around 20K-30K writes per second and
more than 50K reads per second from an ensemble of 5 servers (as of now with
performance enhancements). With 5 servers you can tolerate a failure of 2
Please take a look at zookeeper presentations -
To find out more about Zookeeper.

What is the rationale behind having such a huge amount of zookeeper servers?


On 3/3/09 5:30 PM, "Chad Harrington" <charrington@datascaler.com> wrote:

> Clearly Zookeeper can handle ensembles of a dozen or so servers.  How large
> an ensemble can one build with Zookeeper?  100 servers?  10,000 servers?
> Are there limitations that make the system unusable at large numbers of
> servers?
> Thanks,

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