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From Tom Nichols <tmnich...@gmail.com>
Subject Dealing with session expired
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2009 18:58:57 GMT
I've come across the situation where a ZK instance will have an
expired connection and therefore all operations fail.  Now AFAIK the
only way to recover is to create  a new ZK instance with the old
session ID, correct?

Now, my problem is, the ZK instance may be shared -- not between
threads -- but maybe two classes in the same thread synchronize on
different nodes by using different watchers.  So it makes sense that
one ZK client instance can handle this.  Except that even if I detect
the session expiration by catching the KeeperException, if I want to
"resume" the session, I have to create a new ZK instance and pass it
to any classes who were previously sharing the same instance.  Does
this make sense so far?

Anyway, bottom line is, it would be nice if a ZK instance could itself
recover a session rather than discarding that instance and creating a
new one.


Thanks in advance,


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