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From Mahadev Konar <maha...@yahoo-inc.com>
Subject Re: group messaging, empheral nodes on zookeeper
Date Tue, 06 Jan 2009 19:22:12 GMT
I think ben already responded to your second question. Just to make sure all
of the questions in 2 are answered -- -

> 2. What happens to Empheral Nodes when a zookeeper server (not client) dies or
> is separated from the group ?

> Supposing there are 5 zookeeper servers: server_1, ..., server_5
> And a client c_1 connects to server_1 and creates an empheral node /nd_1
> 2a: What happens if server_1 dies/crashes (and c_1 is disconnected from
> server_1) ?
>     Is /nd_1 automatically deleted ?
In this case, c1 will connect to some other active node and nd_1 stays.

> 2b: What happens if server_1 is disconnected from the rest of the group
> (server_2 to
>     server_5, but client c_1 still remains connected to server_1 ?
In this case, the server_1 should shutdown knowing that its disconnected
from the others and does not have a majority to carry on. So c_1 should
reconnect to some other active server and nd_1 should not be deleted.

>     Is /nd_1 automatically deleted ?
>     What happens if server_1 regions the rest of the group ?
>     what happens to /nd_1 then ?
I don't really understadn the question, but is it that both c_1 and s_1 are
in a network partition and the other servers are in a different one?
If that's the case then c_1 would not be able to reconnect to any of the
active servers and thus nd_1 would get deleted.

> Thanks.

I hope this helps 


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