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From Patrick Hunt <ph...@apache.org>
Subject Re: zoo_set() version question
Date Fri, 12 Dec 2008 22:24:10 GMT
That's fine, but we should document it. Please enter a JIRA that the 
docs should talk about this.

I notice we have this in the prog guide:
"Each time a znode's data changes, the version number increases."

Sort of a moot point once we fix the zoo_set api but we should 
explicitly state that it increments by 1.


Mahadev Konar wrote:
> That's right pat. I thought about that. Though ben already mentioned that we
> missed the stat return in the c sync code.
> But for the version, since its a test and set, we should also guarantee that
> the version is a +1 to prev one. It would be really unintutive if it was
> otherwise.
> Also I noticed after ben's comments that the async callback zoo_aset() is
> called back with stat argument. Only the zoo_get() sync api is missing stat
> return code :).
> mahadev
> On 12/12/08 12:39 PM, "Patrick Hunt" <phunt@apache.org> wrote:
>> Mahadev Konar wrote:
>>> And you have a success, then the version of the node that denots your
>>> successful zoo_set() above is
>>>  = Version +1 
>> Mahadev, that's the current implementation, but I wasn't aware we were
>> exposing that detail as something users should rely on. Is it documented
>> anywhere in the docs? If this is "user visible" we should document it, I
>> thought we weren't exposing this for a reason...
>>> mahadev
>>> On 12/12/08 11:36 AM, "Avery Ching" <aching@yahoo-inc.com> wrote:
>>>> Patrick,
>>>> Thanks for responding.
>>>> I agree that I can use zoo_exists and zoo_get to get the version of the
>>>> znode as it exists currently.
>>>> The problem I am trying to solve is that getting the version from struct
>>>> Stat in either zoo_exists or zoo_get may not be the same version that my
>>>> last successful zoo_set used.  I would like to get the version that denotes
>>>> my last successful zoo_set() operation to a particular znode.
>>>> I understand that the data and version to the znode may change immediately
>>>> one or multiple times after my zoo_set() and this is fine, but I would still
>>>> like to know the znode's versions of the data I set.
>>>> Avery
>>>> On 12/12/08 11:11 AM, "Patrick Hunt" <phunt@apache.org> wrote:
>>>>> Avery Ching wrote:
>>>>>> If zoo_set() completes successfully with version != -1, can we assume
>>>>>> version -> version + 1 for this znode?  If not, is there a way
for the
>>>>>> user
>>>>>> to get the version of the successfully completed zoo_set() operation?
>>>>> You shouldn't rely on this, it may work, but it's not part of the
>>>>> contract. Also, nothing says that some other client won't change the
>>>>> node immediately after you change it.
>>>>> You can access the version using zoo_exists or zoo_get - specifically
>>>>> the "struct Stat stat" argument of either of those methods contains a
>>>>> "version" member.
>>>>> Patrick

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