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From "Clay B." <>
Subject [Discuss] Documentation Internal References?
Date Tue, 22 Oct 2019 05:23:47 GMT
I have expanded the docs for those who come after me searching to 
manipulate their docker arguments and put some ideas in
YETUS-921 but was wondering on how docs should be handled:

1. I highlight the add_docker_build_arg and add_docker_env functions 
linking to the auto-generated shelldocs. Is there a way in the docs build 
to point from the markdown to the shelldocs in a stable way other than 
assuming the documentation layout (e.g. 

2. I see on Yetus.Apache.ORG index.html is the DirectoryIndex, but of 
course when browsing the docs locally, one must add index.html to URLs 
(or use a webserver like the main docs site to redirect to it e.g. for 
precommit-apidocs/core/#add_docker_build_arg vs 
precommit-apidocs/core/index.html#add_docker_build_arg); which is 
preferred in the markdown?

3. As I was originally confused on how I would use a 
<personality>_docker_support function in my personality file and finding a 
few different nuggets, I added hyperlinks between and Both talk 
about the same extension points. Is there an idea to canonicalize the docs 
between precommit-buildtools and precommit-advanced or can cross-linking 
be a reasonable shim to ensure a newbie gets a complete picture?


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