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From "Clay B." <>
Date Thu, 10 Oct 2019 00:53:05 GMT
Hi Yetus Sages,

I am stumped trying to share some checksums and URLs between a Dockerfile 
and a Vagrant file for a patch to Apache Ratis (incubating)[1].

I am trying to add entries to DOCKER_EXTRAARGS from a yetus-personality 
script[2] (or anywhere I can) but I can not seem to affect the 
DOCKER_EXTRAARGS[3] actually used by the Docker test-patch code. For 
reference, I have moved Ratis to use Yetus 0.11.0 in my tests[4].

Is there a flow diagram for how Yetus loads its various shell files or a 
function call diagram to understand why changing something in 
personality_globals (or simply the personality script outside any 
function) would not globally affect scope for Docker pre-commit? (Or to 
know where I should set DOCKER_EXTRAARGS?)


[1]: RATIS-672 is the JIRA. For the code before trying Yetus integration 

[2]: The Ratis yetus-personality file

[3]: Moving Ratis to Yetus 0.11.0, DOCKER_EXTRAENVS looks like a more 
explicit intention. I can not seem to set that env. var. either.

[4]: My test code is at
I have been testing it via:
$ mkdir test; cd test
$ git clone -b docker_extra_args_trials sourcedir
$ export BRANCH=maven_pin
$ ./sourcedir/dev-support/ci/ 2>&1 | tee /tmp/t; egrep -i 'DOCKER_EXTRAARGS|dockercmd'

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