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From Allen Wittenauer>
Date Thu, 10 Oct 2019 04:24:04 GMT

> On Oct 9, 2019, at 5:53 PM, Clay B. <> wrote:
> I am trying to add entries to DOCKER_EXTRAARGS from a yetus-personality script[2] (or
anywhere I can) but I can not seem to affect the DOCKER_EXTRAARGS[3] actually used by the
Docker test-patch code. For reference, I have moved Ratis to use Yetus 0.11.0 in my tests[4].

	There have been a lot of recent-ish changes to abstract out some of the internal plumbing
of Yetus' docker support since for a time there it was undergoing major renovation and there
were a ton of edge-case bugs.  As a result, there are two key functions that you need to know
about to make this work:

	(name)_docker_support is something that plugins and personalities should absolutely define
if they need any sort of special docker handling.     Anything defined outside of that may
not make it through the rabbit hole.  For your particular use case, set the project name to
ratis then you'll be able to define ratis_docker_support.   Inside that you should be able
to modify the docker bits safely and they should make it through.

	If you just need to pass an env var, use add_docker_env (variable name).  That will take
care of the docker -e, etc, stuff. If you want to pass a file or need to do something more
complex, alas, you'll still need to do the DOCKER_EXTRAARGS work manually.  You can see an
example in


function maven_docker_support
  DOCKER_EXTRAARGS+=("-v" "${HOME}/.m2:/home/${USER_NAME}/.m2")

  if [[ ${MAVEN_CUSTOM_REPOS} = true ]]; then

  add_docker_env MAVEN_OPTS


Note that this is an array using += notation in order to avoid wiping it out and that each
parameter is a separate entry in the array.  (IFS safe!)

> Is there a flow diagram for how Yetus loads its various shell files or a function call
diagram to understand why changing something in personality_globals (or simply the personality
script outside any function) would not globally affect scope for Docker pre-commit? (Or to
know where I should set DOCKER_EXTRAARGS?) covers docker_support but
it's not really spelled out that setting these things from outside that function generally
won't work. :( Sorry. :(  Definitely a doc bug.  I've been rewriting the docs off and on for
the past few months, so if you file a jira, I'll be sure to remember to clarify that. 

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