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From Sean Busbey <>
Subject Re: YETUS-15 has been committed
Date Tue, 13 Nov 2018 12:20:23 GMT
Awesome! Do we have any kind of timeline to a release that includes this?
I'd like to get one going sooner rather than later so that downstream folks
can update with fewer new things that might be the cause of any
frustrations, since project restructuring is high risk for causing problems.

On Sun, Nov 11, 2018, 16:58 Allen Wittenauer < wrote:

> [BCC: since this may impact some folks there...]
> Apologies for the wide distribution...
> YETUS-15 [] has been
> committed.  This patch switches Apache Yetus over to a Maven-based build
> system.  This has a few different impacts:
>         * Any existing jobs that are tied specifically to master will
> almost certainly break.  I'm unsure if any of these still exist, with one
> exception ...
>         * precommit-admin (the jobs that submits JIRAs to the various
> precommit-* jobs) has already been fixed to use the new layout.  Patch
> submission via that method should continue uninterrupted.
>         * I'm currently working on getting the Yetus-specific jobs running
> again.  There are quite a few and testing the testing framework is always
> tricky. :)
>         * Any patches sitting in the YETUS patch tree will obviously need
> to be rebased.
>         * There are likely some rough spots in the new build and the new
> Maven plug-in for providing Yetus functionality.  Be sure to play with
> them, file JIRAs, and even better if patches come with it. :)
> Thanks!
> === Current release note for YETUS-15 ===
> Apache Yetus has been converted to use Apache Maven as a build tool. As a
> result, many changes have taken place that directly impacts the project.
> * Source directories have been re-arranged and re-named:
>   * All bash code is now in (feature)/src/main/shell
>   * All python code is now in (feature)/src/main/python
> * audience-annotations is mostly unchanged.
> * releasedocmaker and shelldocs are now available as Jython-built jars.
> * Introduction of the yetus-minimaven-plugin and yetus-maven-plugins. The
> yetus-minimaven-plugin is used to build Apache Yetus. yetus-maven-plugin is
> an end-user artifact that gives access some Apache Yetus features to Apache
> Maven and compatible build systems without needing any external help (e.g.,
> yetus-wrapper)
> * Middleman is still used for creating the static website, however, it is
> now tied into the 'mvn site' command. 'mvn install' MUST be executed before
> running 'mvn site' as website generation depends upon the
> yetus-minimaven-plugin.
> * The content of yetus-project is now in the root of the source tree.
> * The new yetus-dist module handles the creation of a complete
> distribution. The artifacts are now in the yetus-dist/target directory. The
> artifact contents are largely unchanged. New yetus-assemblies module and
> various Apache Maven configuration files have been added to create
> distribution parity.
> * The website is also available as a tar.gz tarball in the yetus-dist
> artifact area.
> * The jdiff module is now always built.
> * Version handling has been modified in several different locations and
> the executables themselves.
> Also, other changes introduced:
> * has been added to create a Docker-ized development
> environment. In particular, this imports the .ssh and .gnupg directories
> and has all pre-requisites for building Apache Yetus and making releases.
> * A Dockerfile in root has been added for and CI-system
> integration.
> * The old Dockerfile (previously located at precommit/test-patch-docker
> and now located at precommit/src/main/shell/test-patch-docker) has been
> changed to be able also to run releasedocmaker.
> * Some ruby dependencies for the website have been for security reasons.
> * JDK8 is now the minimum version of Java used to build the Apache Yetus
> Java components.
> * precommit's now recognizes src/main/shell as containing
> shell code to check.
> * releasedocmaker and shelldocs now explicitly call for python2

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