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From Allen Wittenauer>
Subject Re: [Discuss] Gerrit support with YETUS
Date Mon, 08 May 2017 17:46:14 GMT

> On May 7, 2017, at 9:25 AM, suraj acharya <> wrote:
>   1. What will the calls be to run the pre-commit. Today, with jira we
>   expect passing a JIRA number or a GitHub pull request. Will the support be
>   needed for pulling the gerrit information from JIRA, or will a gerrit
>   review link (a number) be passed onto YETUS?

	That's up to you and reviewers, really.  Ideally, you should support both via something similar
to the jira-github bridge code.

>   I personally think, the number should be passed to YETUS and we can use
>   some kind of a jenkins job, like the one we have for submit review.

	One of the big mistakes I made with the github support was to take an unadorned number. 
I *really* regret that because a raw number has no real meaning; if a project supports, eg,
both github and gitlab, which system is that number coming from? (This is the reason why bugzilla
uses BZ: as a prefix, BTW.)   So at least for the CLI, you really really really want to put
a prefix, otherwise Bad Things(tm) happen.

>   2. Currently the responses are written back to JIRA, with gerrit, it can
>   be written to gerrit, is there any choice on which way to go with it?
>   My personal vote is to put the response on gerrit, that will keep all
>   reviews in one place.

	Response support (--bugcomments) is split out from bug ingestion support (--plugins) to some
degree.  By default, test-patch will write to all enabled systems.  If that isn't what the
end user wants, they can configure it using the previously mentioned CLI switch or override
functions as necessary.   So this decision has been made sort of made for you. ;)

	In other words, you just need to worry about adding the necessary functions that allow test-patch
to write to gerrit in the gerrit plugin and test-patch should take care of the rest.

>   3. Are there any apache projects currently using gerrit and using some
>   kind of pre-commit check which wants to utilize YETUS? This I ask for
>   pointers.

	IIRC, there is at least one project that is/was using Gerrit in the incubator.  Most of the
gerrit requests I've been hit up with have been from commercial interests.

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