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From Allen Wittenauer>
Subject Default Docker image fails to build
Date Wed, 31 May 2017 18:39:50 GMT

	It looks like our default Docker image that we ship with Yetus is failing to build because
it can’t download stuff from Oracle.  Given that we probably should do at least something
to fix it :), I thought it might be time to actually just upgrade the image completely.  I’ve
filed YETUS-512 which does the following:

	* Switches the base OS to Ubuntu Xenial 16.04
	* Removes all of the Oracle JDK bits
	* Switches the JDK to OpenJDK 8 (Headless)
	* Removes a bunch of hacks that are no longer necessary

	As a result, this one builds significantly faster and is a tad bit smaller. If we think that’s
too aggressive, then the alternative is to just remove the Oracle JDK7 bits from the current
image.  Either way, we’re looking at an incompatible/disruptive change.

	Sidenote: I’m currently trying to go through all of the 0.5.0 open issues.  My goal is
to work towards a release relatively soon, but no promises.  Haven’t decided yet whether
I’m going to tackle some of the bigger issues yet.

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