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From Chris Nauroth <>
Subject Re: [DRAFT] [REPORT] Yetus - September 2016
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2016 16:38:57 GMT
+1.  Thank you, Sean.

--Chris Nauroth

On 9/14/16, 8:21 AM, "Sean Busbey" <> wrote:

    Hi folks!
    It's that time of the quarter again. Here's a draft report, let me
    know if there's anything else you'd like to see added.
    Apache Yetus provides libraries and tools that enable contribution and
    release processes for software projects.
    None at this time.
    None since last report. Last release was version 0.3.0 on May 22nd 2016.
    Volunteer bandwidth for release managing is expected in mid-to-late September.
    No new PMC addition in the last three months.
    Last PMC addition was Kengo Seki on February 28th 2016.
    No new committer additions in the last three months.
    Last committer addition was Marco Z├╝hlke on May 23rd 2016.
    In the last three months the project has had an increase in
    contributions from new folks and a slight down turn in code from
    established committers as a part of normal cyclical volunteer
    attention. We remain reliant on a small pool of our volunteers for the
    majority of contribution reviews, but the PMC continues to look for
    potential new committers.
    Members of the HBase, Hadoop, and Kudu communities worked towards
    transitioning build tooling they each maintained to track API
    compatibility changes in Java projects to a common component in Yetus.
    After expending a fair bit of effort, the work had to be abandoned in
    favor of per-project tooling due licensing restrictions on its
    dependencies; contributors did not know of a non-GPL alternative to
    the base tools for comparing API changes.
    Mailing list traffic remains low, with an uptick in September. The
    community remains responsive to discussion requests and filed issues,
    so we're not concerned.
    - Currently 7 PMC members
    - Currently 8 committers
    - dev list has 41 subscribers (up 5 in the last 3 months)
    - 38 JIRA tickets created in the last 3 months
    - 38 JIRA tickets closed/resolved in the last 3 months

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