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From Allen Wittenauer <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Apache Yetus 0.2.0-RC1
Date Thu, 03 Mar 2016 16:44:27 GMT

> On Mar 3, 2016, at 8:14 AM, Kengo Seki <> wrote:
> * I found some "2015"s in LICENSE and NOTICE. Should we update them with
> "2016" before release?

	The one in NOTICE is definitely wrong.  The only entries in LICENSE I see are for copyrights
related to 3rd party works which I don’t think have been updated this year.  I’d hate
to have to cancel this RC based upon this, but it’s probably the correct thing to do. :(

> * I tried "ASF required checks" No.4, but I couldn't find the 0.2.0-RC1
> branch (does Allen's comment[2] mean it?).

	I'd consider this is a bug in the documentation.   The “how to release” docs create the
branch based upon the issue #, doesn't set a temporary tag either, and only shares the git
commit hash. The paragraph before step 4 says:

"You SHOULD make sure the source release artifact corresponds to the referenced commit hash
in the [VOTE] thread. […] Our eventual release tag is how we’ll provide long term provinence
information for our downstream users.”

	It acknowledges that we’ll eventually have a release tag, but we don’t yet.  So I think
the branch checkout should probably be replaced with a hash checkout.

> I used the YETUS-318 branch
> instead, but I got an unexpected result:

	FWIW, the YETUS-318 branch should definitely correspond to the given git hash in the vote

> [sekikn@mobile 0.2.0-RC1]$ diff -r yetus-0.2.0-RC1-tag
> yetus-0.2.0-src_unpack/yetus-0.2.0
> Only in yetus-0.2.0-RC1-tag: .git


> Only in yetus-0.2.0-src_unpack/yetus-0.2.0:
> Only in yetus-0.2.0-src_unpack/yetus-0.2.0:

	IMO, I think this is a good thing to have in the source tar ball.

I’ll need to dig deeper into the rest.

> diff: yetus-0.2.0-RC1-tag/asf-site-src/source/documentation/0.1.0: No such
> file or directory

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