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From <leeloo5e79-de...@yahoo.de>
Subject Re: RTF-Output with FOP 0.93 looks terrible
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2007 16:24:41 GMT
I created a docbook test document which shows some
problems described before.
In PDF there is the a problem with long words in a
table cell. The words do not break. 
For some tables I set style="background-color:#fffff".
This is only displayed in HTML-Output. I have to think
about how to change this into only background-color or
a processing instruction. Last one works fine - for
PDF and HTML. In RTF there work no processing
instruction set in the docbook which is converted in
<fo:block break-before="page"/>(page-break) or
background-color="#C0C0C0" (bgcolor="#C0C0C0") or
<fo:block id="lastpage"/> (number of lastpage).
In RTF also the Header isn't filled out. No picture is
displayed there. Tables has no columns. The whole
content of each column of a row is set into one
Some tables has a width of less than 1 cm (in
The Table of Content are missing the pagenumbers for
each listed chapter. 
While generating the pdf, fop displaying errors
regarding "overflow content" in table cell (see above:
long words) and footer content: "A very long line with
a lot of content. Do you see?" This is also only a
table. But I can't find setting which set this table
cell to a specific width. 

I dont know if this is something you can start with. I
attach some files: XML, HTML, FO, PDF, RTF to have a
look at. Maybe I only have to change some parameters
to get a better output. 

Best Regards,

--- leeloo5e79-devel@yahoo.de schrieb:

> Hi Jeremias,
> you are correct: RTF is a terrible format. But seems
> to be the only way to get a modifiable document. 
> There are also tools like which convert PDF to
> Word-Documents. But these tools also had the problem
> in correct converting PDF.
> In this case I'm using DocBook to create complex
> documentations. With the DocBook-Stylesheets I want
> to generate e.g. HTML, PDF and also an for Microsoft
> Word applicable Document. 
> Because of Adrian's question of what RTF viewing
> application I'm using (I used Microsoft Word), I
> used OpenOffice and hey it looks good - relativley.
> Only some XSL-FO-Features are missing (I described
> them in my answer of Adrians answer).
> I will create a small DocBook-Document with some
> XSL-FO-Features which shows the occured problems. So
> maybe we find a solution ;-)
> Thanks a lot.
> Best Regards,
> Kerstin
> Let me start by stating that RTF is a terrible
> format to begin with 
> (well, that's a personal opinion). Generally, it's
> not possible to map 
> every feature in XSL-FO into RTF. But then, RTF is
> probably also the 
> weakest output format in Apache FOP. I would only
> recommend RTF output 
> for relatively simple business letters where people
> have to do some 
> modifications before they are sent to the client. 
> I'd be interested in the use case you have to
> convert DocBook to RTF. 
> Please note that the RTF output is optimized for
> Microsoft Word. It will 
> definitely look terrible in OpenOffice. 
> On 28.06.2007 14:04:32 leeloo5e79-devel wrote: 
> > I'm using FOP 0.93 to generate e.g. PDF from
> DocBook-XML with 
> > DocBook-XSL. Everything looks fine in PDF. 71
> sites are generated in 
> > PDF :-)))  
> > But the RTF-Output just looks terrible and has
> about 1900 !!! sites. 
> > Seems on every page is one line or one table row
> printed out. The 
> > content (e.g. lines) should be keep together or
> something else. Is 
> > still working on this feature or has i just
> configure something to make it 
> > work better? 
> >  
> > Thanks, 
> > Kerstin 
> Jeremias Maerki 
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