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From <leeloo5e79-de...@yahoo.de>
Subject Re: Re: RTF-Output with FOP 0.93 looks terrible
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2007 14:29:32 GMT
Hi Vincent,

great :-) But the Stylesheet for generating an OpenOffice- or better OpenDocument has not
finished at all. That's a pitty :-(
Have you tried to open an OpenDocument-file in Microsoft Word? Most users are using word (a
terrible application) and want to have a modifiable document which can be opened in Microsoft
Word. So the only way is RTF at the moment :-(
I have to find another way to make it looks better in word.

Thanks for the link to the docbook2odf-project.
Best Regards,

Vincent Hennebert schrieb:
leeloo5e79-devel yahoo de a écrit : 
> Hi Jeremias, 
> you are correct: RTF is a terrible format. But seems to be the only way to get a modifiable
document.  There are also tools like which convert PDF to Word-Documents. But these tools
also had the problem in correct converting PDF. 
> In this case I'm using DocBook to create complex documentations. With the DocBook-Stylesheets
I want to generate e.g. HTML, PDF and also an for Microsoft Word applicable Document. 
If you want to generate a modifiable format from DocBook you will 
probably have much more success with the docbook2odf [1] or the 
roundtrip part of the DocBook stylesheets. 
I haven't looked at either of those. The link below might be 
interesting. The DocBook stylesheets allow to convert DocBook to WordML 
(and also ODF now, I believe) and vice-versa. Have a look at the 
docbook-apps@ archives and the DocBook website. 
Anyway, if I had to produce modifiable documents from DocBook sources I 
would certainly invest my time on such solutions rather than dealing 
with RTF. 
[1] http://open.comsultia.com/docbook2odf/ 

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