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From michele <hostmas...@publicshout.org>
Subject Re: Mirrors under attack?
Date Fri, 16 Sep 2005 12:21:41 GMT
I used a "proxy" written by myself, sort of bernstein' tcpserver, but 
instead of "incapsulating" the serving process.
The process listen on port 80, records the client IP in a list, and 
every connection to DELAY * previous_connections_number seconds.
With an ALRM signal every X seconds it instead decrements the counter
of connections, pruning those at 0. Simple and very rough, but happened
to be effective.

I wrote it a couple of years ago and used it for about 1 year. I took 
it down
when I got more bandwidth; I didn't need it anymore, it was written down
very quickly and I simply didn't trust it.

I didn't find any apache module capable of such stateful behavior at the
time. And mind that mod_bandwidth and similar ones just do not resolve
the problem anyhow: you slow down good users, do not make
any bad to bad ones, and increase the load on your server for shaping
and for keeping more concurrent connection open longer.

I guess there are several load balancer softwares you can get a similar
behavior with anyway, even fairly reliable and maintained.


On 15/set/05, at 22:45, Valentino D'Ostilio wrote:

> John Reuning wrote:
>> I'm curious what you've used to control usage like this.  Mod_choke 
>> for
>> apache seems to work well, but are there other good tools?
>> Thanks,
>> -jrr
> I've had great success with mod_bandwidth (located at 
> http://www.ivn.cl/apache/).  I think the specific module you use is a 
> matter of personal preference more than anything.. at first glance 
> they all appear to support the same functionality.  An example 
> configuration syntax for mod_bandwidth looks like:
>    BandWidthModule On
>    BandWidth all 512000
>    MinBandWidth all -1
> Pretty simple imo.
> Good luck.
> -Valentino

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