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From "Thorsten Neckel" <apa...@neckel.com>
Subject Re: Mirrors under attack?
Date Thu, 15 Sep 2005 18:33:48 GMT
> I usually block the
> offending class C via iptables/pf and go from there.  (Flushing blocks
> every 6 months).
Currently I use Order Deny,Allow via .htaccess to block such subnets.

> I have the same problem here, but looks like is a spybot, just like the 
> google
> or altavista uses to search pages.
Not in my case. They download the whole file.

>looks like it does not consume a lot of resources,
No, about 1 GByte every 30 minutes. At time writing the only solution is to 
block these guys.


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