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From Rob Vesse <rve...@dotnetrdf.org>
Subject Re: LICENSE and NOTICE file content
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2018 08:45:58 GMT

From: Jan Lahoda <lahoda@gmail.com>
Reply-To: <legal-discuss@apache.org>
Date: Tuesday, 26 June 2018 at 20:11
To: <legal-discuss@apache.org>
Subject: Re: LICENSE and NOTICE file content


Spending days on administrativia to publish a test data package for a bugfix feels to be a
little bit on the heavy side.


You seem to have latched on to the extreme interpretation of the suggestion. Yes you would
need to periodically publish the test data package as an official artefact, most likely alongside
your official releases. Therefore you could have a single vote, with the test data source
being one of the items voted upon.


However, you would not need to publish it as an official release for every single change during
the course of development. There is absolutely no reason that the test data package depended
on can’t be a snapshot in development the same as the rest of your internal project dependencies
are. Tests and test data will inevitably change during the development and really only need
to be static at the time of a release.



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